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Love this place! Pierre is my man!

I bought an infinity g37x from them and thought it had a problem a few weeks after, I freaked out and become a night mare to them but they still helped me out for free and figured out there was not problem. Good people ! :-)

Dianne Williams

This has taken me quite some time to write , as i had meant Ray and his two sons , and all the family at choice auto about a year and a half or so ago, i just never seemed to be able to put down the words to describe all the feelings of pure gratefulness and gratitude , i feel in meeting them. first of all i have found new friends in life ,everyone that works there is an extension of Ray! They are all so caring and cordial ,i have found a car dealership that i trust and someone i feel gives me the best advise they can and they in turn trust me ! I always look forward to going there its not a feeling of dreadfulness that you get when you know people are just out for themselves, they care about me and the car they sold me (actually two),the first time i went there i was newly divorced and very non trusting ,right from the start i felt this is where i should be and ive been grateful i made that choice !! sure i checked out other places before buying my bmw from them, but i just didnt get that feeling of trust with anyone else , Ray and his sons kept their word with everything ,helping me thru the process of buying the car , about a year later i had a car accident that totalled my beloved bmw, they assisted me thru the process of getting another one without a blink of an eye , i trusted Ray and his staff and they trusted me , i would never go anywhere else,, why-- because i feel Ray is in my corner..and they want their customers to trust them and to come back. they have gotten to know me and my family and i theirs to an extent .. and always Ray asks about mine and whats going on in life , to me this was me gaining a car yes, that was my goal but i also was able to finally get rid of a truck i had to drive after the divorce, to me gaining a staff of people who i trust was amazing .I cant tell you how untrusting i was to how trusting i am today of Ray and his sons Paemon, and Shayan, and all the staff there , to the auto mechanic Theo -who has done work on my first car when needed. I always look forward to the warm friendly greeting and smiles i get when i arrive there.Truely i believe God knew i was down and out and lead me to choice auto center!I am now the proud owner of a 330xi bmw and im very happy .Thank you To Ray ,Paemon and Shayan and all the staff for the great car buying experience.Honestly i tell everyone to go there !Ray i thank you so much !
Choice Auto Center

429 Boston Turnpike
Shrewsbury, MA 01545